Welcome to my world!

This is my first attempt at blogging, journaling or any other documentation of my life. I am not sure why I have decided to start sharing like this because my life is not all that interesting, but there are a lot of things that I love. Food. Movies. Books.

More importantly, I want to share my passion for life.

So here it is.

Welcome to my world! Hope you enjoy it!


7 thoughts on “Welcome to my world!

  1. This should be right up your alley son. Expounding on your life and the world. You will do just fine.

  2. Craig – I love your blog! It is very nice to see others doing what they love and sharing it with others. Never allow fear to interfare with your heart and you will be fine. Very inspiring and gusty! Keep up the great writing and passion.

    1. I told someone earlier that I have been thinking about doing this for a very long time. I am just at a place in my life where it is time to stop thinking an start doing!

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